Who I am?

Namrata Kumari, blog, Indian female bloggerHi! I am Namrata Kumari. I am an ordinary human being, working 10 hours every day to earn a living, facing challenges in my life just as you do. I live in a rented house with three others like me in Kolkata, India. I wake up early to invest three hours (every day, without a fail) towards my passion i.e. to write, read, blog, understand human behavior and psychology and help others to achieve their goals.

Who I am not!

Well, I am not a psychologist, marketer, public speaker, celebrity, award winner, bestseller author or anything as great as these.

Then why should you listen to me?

You can obviously not. I understand not everything that I say will suit your situation and life. But if you do, I must tell you that my intentions are not to preach my ideas. It is just to share my methods, thoughts and experiments that have worked for me to follow my heart, be happier, more confident in whatever I do, focus upon my goals, stop procrastinating and balance work and passion together.

When a very popular online coach asks people to sleep more than eight hours every day, I say, ‘bullshit’. It’s not at all applicable for me. If my sleeping hours exceed even by half an hour more than seven, I am left with less than two and half hour of spare time to invest upon my goals. You understand that there is a gap? All I have understood is that you should follow nothing but your own heart.

So you don’t have to buy my ideas if they don’t work for you. That’s what I promote, living in your terms, making your own rules. All I can offer you is some help and examples from my life and what I have learnt to do that well.

About this blog

In this blog you won’t find me writing about quitting your job and being a millionaire in 90 days, or law of attraction, or manifestations or any other superbly hyped cliché topics. I write only about what I have really experienced.

No matter who you are, where you live, whether you do a full time job or you are an entrepreneur, you need to act. Desires without actions are just dreams. This blog will give you motivation, guidance, confidence and help to act to accomplish your goals.

Am I an author?

I was published as a story teller and a poet. However, I am also a self-published author of a book named, Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Reality which is aimed at helping people to identify what is stopping them from bringing the most desired changes in life and also to eliminate delusional negative beliefs about oneself and the world.

Where shall you send your response to me?

Please feel free to send your feedback and critical love to me at mail@namratakumari.com. I promise that I will reply.


  1. Happy to know so much about Namrata. We ve hardly interacted and I am looking forward to knowing her in person. Great job Guru ?

  2. Hi, Greetings! I hope you are doing fine. Please may I know if you accept book for reading and reviewing? I have a book review request for The Calling by Priya Kumar. Thanks

  3. Hi Namrata,
    This is a very interesting introduction and entirely different from those we read in many other blogs. Looking forward to read more posts from you soon.
    Have a great time blogging.
    Keep up the good work.
    Reji Stephenson

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