Book Review: Nomad Learns Morality by Tomichan Matheikal

Right and wrong, they were never defined. There has always been a thin line separating the two. Our perception is infinite, like the unending space, the void that possess myriad meanings through the filter of our eyes.

The more I read the book, stronger the thought turned into my mind.

Nomad Learns Morality, tomichan matheikal, Namrata kumari, book reviewNomad Learns Morality sets your thoughts astray and allows one to perceive the stories in millions of possible ways. There is no rigid frames that define the short stories in it. Every single story has a special message or a lesson to be learnt.

The first story Ahalya delivers a lesson on human perception and consciousness, through the mythological plot of Ahalya’s redemption by Lord Rama, from the book of Ramayana.

The story, War and Love carries a sheer sense of pity upon the human race, who despite being able to live in love, indulges in war in the name of ego and futile endeavors.

The story Scholar, Politician and Priest makes one think how humans have been a believer of the words of priests, which don’t have factual or scientific backbone. We chase after phantoms! What is a Scholar if compared to the politician or a priest?

The book is a collection of thirty three such skillfully crafted short stories which have the potential to bend your perception away from the socially accredited beliefs.

I have been reading Tomichan Sir’s blog since a long time and it has never failed to inspire me or make me think in a different and newer way.

The author’s experience as a teacher shows in many of his short stories. Some of them are based on mythological tales. Whereas a few of them reminded me of Ruskin Bond’s writings.

Soul of the book

I have always found the author’s writing tinged with sarcasm. Same can also be seen in the book. It questions the unquestioned history and beliefs of the mankind. The use of some famous tales from history somewhere endorses the need of change that has to be brought into our blindly accepted notions about right, wrong and definition of morality.

Why should you read it

The specialty of the book is that every story hits your mind hard and impels you to replay it all over again in your mind to join the dots of deeper meaning held within. In my case, after reading every story, I re-read the title of the story to appreciate the connection and meaningfulness. In short, every single story is highly impactful and very intricately written to render some very subtle messages.

Who should read

Nomad Learns Morality is meant to be read by every nomad on the journey of life. This is not our final stop. We are all stumbling, falling, learning and moving ahead. The book is for every soul. It makes you realize how the definition of morality is subjected to change with different people, society, culture, place and time. It is through the inner consciousness that we can accept this fact.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves serious reading.

I rate the book as a ten on ten. 🙂

You read can more reviews upon the book on goodreads.

A very special thanks to the author for sending me the free copy of the ebook version of his book.

About the author

The author happens to be my favorite blogger and a very honest, fearlessly expressive and intellectual man. He is a teacher by profession and a passionate blogger. One can find his writings inspired by great literary works. He often writes about politics, society, human characteristics and a lot more with sarcastic touch. You can read more of his works at his blog and leave comments to get some honest replies.

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