Book review – UNNS – The Captivation by Sapan Saxena

‘UNNS’ is the second book of Sapan. His first book is ‘Finders, Keepers’ which I had very much liked reading. As I had great hopes with UNNS, I remained pretty critical throughout while reading it. Let’s now dig deeper about it.

The story begins with a prologue named, Meher and from here we join the dots in the plot till the end to find how Meher is the pivot of Atharva’s life. Atharva and Meher are the two characters the story is woven around. The setting is at the school where both the hero and heroine of the story studied as teens and the seven stages of love advances in their later lives.

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Before talking any further I must tell you that I am not very fond of reading love stories. The reason being they are overtly commercialized these days and many of the young authors try to shroud their poor writing skills with the steaming romantic scenes. I admit that I had started reading UNNS with a fogged mind but I am glad to say that UNNS is about a natural plot and a logical storyline.

UNNS, the captivation, book review, sapan saxena, finders keepers, Namrata kumari, bookHeart of the book

The two pillars of the story epitomize two different virtues of love.

Through Atharva, story explores the limitless extent of love. It’s not always about staying close and gaining. Atharva loves Meher all his life after indifference, betrayal and the gulf of time and distance. The love of Atharva for Meher can be described by these lines –

I will love you with too many commas, but never any asterisks – No Matter the Wreckage, Sarah Kay

While with Meher, we learn to put love over hatred and anger. Unconditional love as that of Atharva can bend the course of the river. Meher was a vehement stream of anger and revenge. Love in Atharva’s eyes for her finally, let’s her choose the right over wrong.

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In support of UNNS

Simple and non-pretentious language, logically and mystically advancing plot keeps you at the edge. The book is a non-bulky one and can be great travel companion. Apart from entertainment, it also allows one to ponder upon the uncertainties in life, the power that love imbibes and feel the pain of loss and distance.

Against UNNS

The book is not for those who find pleasure in difficult and lyrical reading. At times, I felt the need of poesy in the love story. Also, the second half is so enthralling that it leaves the first half far behind.


Apart from everything I wrote above, I must say that I loved the climax. It makes you feel both pain and joy together at a time, the strange feeling of love. I think it is a commendable job done by Sapan. Congratulations to the author.

About the Author

sapan saxena, UNNS, authorSapan Saxena is a software engineer by profession and author by choice. Born in the city of Nawabs Lucknow, he earned his engineering degree from MNNIT Allahabad. Currently based in Nashua, New Hampshire, he is the author of two books.. UNNS – The captivation is his second one among them.

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  1. Hi, Namrata. It’s good to see you in active mode after a long hiatus. Love is indeed about giving not gaining, and it isn’t about physical closeness either; that’s why, Meera could able to love Krishna. Love transcends space and time. It’s the only solution for peace and calmness. I believe the love that isn’t unconditional is not love at all but something else. Also, there’s a subtle difference between sympathy and love. Most of the time, people understand sympathy as love.

    Could you please give some more hints regarding the seven stages of love? It’ll help in making my mind.

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