Boost your productivity and be the winner at work

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In most of the workplaces today, productivity is a major matter of concern. The concepts of working hard and working long are fading away. Employers or individuals want more output in the given units of time i.e. nowadays we measure the workforce productivity or labor productivity. However, focusing only upon the outputs won’t help us boosting our productivity.

There are several reasons behind low productivity among individuals. Not talking about what causes low productivity, let’s discuss the ways in which we can raise it. As the blog is all about loving yourself, we will keep it individual centric i.e. thinking as individuals willing to boost our productivity. However, if you are a manager or team leader  and looking forward to enhance employee productivity at your work, you can get beneficial ideas for your workplace too.

Declutter your work space

Keeping our work space clean is one of the best practice for increasing productivity. Our productivity decreases if we take more time to reach our resources. Be it a pen or a file in your computer system, easy and quick access saves time and help us keep calm during work pressure.

A clean work space not just include table or desk organization but also a clean computer desktop and storage devices. No matter whether the mess is real or digital, it would hamper your productivity. I personally keep a clean computer at my work or home at the top in my priority list. Also, a clean surrounding and work place induces a positive feeling among us which further help us in working more efficiently.

Starting the day in the right way

There’s nothing right or wrong in this world but definitely there are ways which can benefit you a lot. One such habit is rising early in the morning. We come across articles about ‘X habits of successful people’ and I bet none of them must have excluded the habit rising with the sun.

How does waking up early help?

By waking up early, one clearly over his/her mind in the first place. While most of us lay musing into the arms of dreams, a few determined ones take control over their minds. This itself makes one feel more positive and empowered to do things more effectively. Also, mornings are calm and peaceful. It allows one to focus without distractions. We are free from mental and physical tiredness in the morning which enhances our productivity.

In a healthy body, resides a healthy mind.

Regular exercising results in improved productivity.

One way that exercise can help boost productivity at work is through alertness. When you exercise, you are also increasing blood flow to the brain, which can help sharpen your awareness and make you more ready to tackle your next big project. Exercise can also give you more energy. Having more energy means you will feel more awake at work.


Eat smart

Food plays a vital role in deciding our day to day productivity. Brain needs energy to concentrate which comes through body glucose which is developed during digestion of food. If we eat food that releases carbohydrate quickly like rice, white bread, baked food, pasta etc., our body soon runs down on energy, while a food high on fat takes time to metabolize and are difficult to digest and thus, results in low levels of oxygen in brain. Whereas whole grains, fresh fruits, sugar-free cereals, brown rice or sweet potatoes which are slow-release carbohydrate food, increases our productivity.

Soothe your mind

Well in this world, it seems that everything positive is connected with each other. Just as peacefulness and calmness of mind favors productivity. At times we need to let things be and not take it too hard at workplace or with individual goals. Meditation, listening to music, talking to friends and family and prayers help us keep our minds at peace and focus on our goals.

My personal support is spirituality. Whenever I am overwhelmed by a negative emotion, I talk to God. Studies by Shane Sharp at University of Wisconsin-Madison also suggests that prayers help in emotion management.

Complain less and be thankful

While it’s necessary to complain at some points in our lives but a regular complaining behavior is unfriendly for our mental health and productivity. We act as less as much we complain. This makes us feel powerless regarding the problematic situations out there. We mostly complain about our working environment, colleagues, managers, work pressure, food, traffic, pollution and this builds a negative feeling within our mind and also ruins our mood to work.

Being permanently grateful makes one fight stress and helps easy relaxation. Thankfulness supports positive attitude towards life, people around us and our work.

Taking regular breaks

Most of us avoid taking breaks at work thinking we are too busy not knowing how much we miss by not taking them at regular intervals of time. No matter how much burdened I am at my work place, I find a few spare minutes to rejuvenate my mind. It’s not really difficult to do so.

Regular breaks are essential for higher productivity. Not only do they help us not getting bored out of work and get unfocused very quickly but they also give us time to re-evaluate our progress in the work, find out better and more creative ways to accomplish our goals, stay connected to our greater goals of life, family and oneself.

Most of the popular time management techniques also stress upon the importance of taking regular breaks. Example of it is the Pomodoro technique of time management developed by Francesco Cirillo, where we work in intervals of 25 minutes knows as a pomodoro followed by a short break. The method is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.

Be clear and passionate about your goals

Doing a job without clarity and passion can never make us achieve the best. If we do not know what our goals are or what are the final outputs that we wish to achieve based on what inputs, we will never reach it on time. Chances are that we end up landing onto the results we never ever needed. Hence, planning and visualizing our goals become the most essential part of enhancing our productivity. We must plan for everyday, create a checklist of every small or big goals that we wish to target in a day and evaluate ourselves upon the same.

Apart from being clear about the goals, one must also be passionate about it. At many points in our lives, when certain tasks are urgently needed to be completed and we are not left with enough energy and resources for it, one thing that helps us seek our edges to get it done is the passion for the work. We cannot build passion for everything within us. So, it is said that we must do what we feel passionate about because that one thing you will do the best as compared to the rest of others.

I hope these ways of increasing productivity will help you at your work place or to follow your passion in the a few spare hours you manage to save in your busy day. I wish you all the best with all your dreams and goals.

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  1. I got some inspiration so that I can make myself more productive in my profession. This is your first blog post I have read. And its very good and fantastic to read such blog post. Thank you. 🙂

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