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Indian history is a storehouse of some long lost and begotten concepts which form the foundation of many of the trending technologies. Aviation, sociology, journalism, language, literature, Physiology, wrestling, Optics, medication or surgery, every field of study and science finds its roots in the soil of Indian history. However, much of the historic facts are present in written forms (which are mostly the work of literature), better known as mythological texts.
The book starts on a note of-

“Every Fact is a Myth until proven to be otherwise.”

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This defines the core concept of the book which constantly evokes the parallelism between mythology and science in the form of a thriller. One would love to read it if one has an inclination towards history, mythology and technology. Here, you get to learn a myriad facts and stories (straight from the mighty Indian past and also the contemporary advancements made in the fields of technology) which entertain the mind and provide food for thought at the same time. For example, have you ever thought what made Ashoka, the warrior to forsake war and violence after the battle of Kalinga when he had already seen much of blood and losses in the previous wars? Or did you ever try to guess, what made Tulsidas write Ramcharitmanas? The book is full of such interesting and thought provoking texts which the author clearly says are the work of fiction however, is closely intertwined with logic, facts and reality.
The plot starts with a mysterious murder of Professor Antriksh Varma, who chooses to die over revealing the secret he was the guardian of. His murder was followed by the serial killing of five more guardians of the same secret that Professor Varma was protecting. They belonged to world’s most powerful and secret community of nine men. Who were they? Why were they the most powerful? Who was murdering them and why? You would find it very interesting to know. The spice of the story is the Shaiva and Vaishnava rivalry, sprouting again in the present from the folds of the ancient history which becomes the reason of these ruthless killings. Destruction and fulfillment of personal desires in the name of religion, God and sect dates back to the ancient time, the story very well raises the question, who is a real devotee, one who protects the glory of God or the one who mars it by indulging in crimes in his name?
The parallelism is laid not just between science and myth, but the same is also portrayed between good and bad. Shoumik Haldar and Ishan Vajpayee solved the mystery of these murders following the path of deductions, great mythological know-how and goodness. And it was fun being a part of their detailed deductions which was more like a thrilling journey, all the way knowing about the places and people of importance of the ancient India.
What surprises me is the amazing correlation created among varied facts and mythology. It was a
sapan saxena, namrata kumari
pleasure to read and learn a lot more about our history. As the language is very plain and simple and the book is a bulky one, I first could not make a guess about the brilliant content I was going to find inside. The book ends on a very interesting note where one is impelled to think whether there was an involvement of God in the victory of good or was it just a coincidence. With all such wonderful qualities, I consider this book a must read.

About the author:

Sapan Saxena. A very humble person, brought up in Lucknow, who did his B. Tech (he is an inspiration to me) in Information and Technology from Allahabad. He is passionate about writing about spirituality and mythology. His writings have found place in leading newspaper columns.

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