Happiness is a pursuit

Happiness is a pursuit
…It’s a hope for a happier future. What if someone turns all of your dreams, even the wildest of them, into reality and tells you that this is all you will get? Now stay happy. Will you? I am afraid that you can’t be, for happiness comes with hope, dreams and that scope of improvisations, achieving more and more.Like many other souls, I too dream big. And I very well understand that these dreams require a consistent and dedicated effort. The part of learning and growing in the path of dreaming makes me sleep with peace and wake up with joy.

I try learning a new thing every day, maybe simple, but I follow this every day. These small and simple things make my life purposeful.

harmonium, indian harmonium, music, classical music, Namrata Kumari
Random clicks from my camera- My harmonium

Every Saturday I go for music class after practicing for a week. It’s difficult to find time along with office but for happiness a little time management is a done thing. Singing and being connected with music makes me feel alive. A word of appreciation from my music teacher fills me with so much of energy that I walk back from music class to my home hopping with joy.

Travelling is a dream. Meeting people, learning about varied cultures and looking beyond the rigid boundaries set for me in my society is also what I fancy about. Thinking about travelling makes me feel positive. I still don’t have money to invest into travelling but this doesn’t stop me from thinking about the possibilities and the vast world waiting for me with open arms to embrace me along with all of its riches.

roses, canon, macro photography, point and shoot photography, namrata kumari
Random clicks from my camera- Roses

I love gadgets. Last year I bought my first Android phone. And just a few days ago I finally bought a point and shoot camera (a dream come true). I keep on clicking random pictures wherever I find time. Reading about my camera and browsing through the technical guides to handle it even better makes me feel more and more curious.

I am working as a Computer Science engineer and development gives you a joy so unique. After working all day on a piece of code when the output comes out to be perfect, your joy knows no bound. This short time of success in the coding world is called happiness and rest all of it is brain cramming. And I love my profession for these short moments of happiness.

Life would come to an end one day. And every single day of our life, we work for our future, for a happy tomorrow. Perhaps, these efforts, the belief that we have enough control to bring happiness to us are the real causes of happiness in life. Happiness is mostly found in simple things. Things like reading a new book, getting wonderful reviews on your blog, writing a good poem, listening to music, learning new things and feeling hopeful about the pursuit of life, about happiness.

And here’s a sweet video from Coca-Cola India. 🙂

Inspired to write this by Coca-Cola India.

Namrata Kumari

Hello! My name is Namrata Kumari. I am a daily 10 to 8 office worker and lately, I realized that this is not what my life should be like. I cannot just commute to my work place, work there for ten hours, come back to my apartment and sleep to wake up to do the same old thing day after every day. I know there are people just like me who wish to break through this monotonous cycle and make their lives even more purposeful. I chose blogging as a way to bring the much needed change in my life and to reach out those who share the same feelings. If you have any valuable suggestions then please share it below in the comment box.


  1. Your post is the perfect example of the saying that the most simple things in life can bring utmost happiness :).

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