4 essentials to accomplish goals

Any pursuit is meant to meet a goal. I pursue my dreams; by saying that I mean that I am working to achieve certain goals. Thus, something abstract as Pursuing a dream can be narrowed down to something more concrete as accomplishing a goal.

There are four essentials of accomplishing a goal. Reading this will help us know how to accomplish goals (smaller/ bigger). This will also give you an idea about how to pursue your dreams by breaking it into smaller intermediate goals.

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1. A strong desire:

A desire might originate from some regular indulgence. For example, if you paint every day, a natural interest and a desire to pursue it is very likely to build within you. A desire can also be an outcome of an unwanted situation you are in, for example, a person struggling to pay bills develops a desire to accumulate wealth. However, to achieve something big, the desire needs to be of some real good class.

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If we don’t love doing something, if it’s not something of great importance to us, we will most likely give up on the goal very soon. In his book, ‘Mental Training For Success In Sales’, Michael Anthony says, ‘The strength of desire needed to achieve a specific goal is in direct proportion to the level of success you desire to attain for that particular goal. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) your level of desire must be a 10 plus if you expect to be the best at whatever you choose to accomplish.’

2. Clear goals:

Absence of clear goals is analogous to walking on the road without knowing where to go. You must have heard it that without clear goals you will end up being at an unknown place.

Goal setting is not a child’s play. Goals are to be analysed. There can be multiple short term goals required to achieve a bigger one.

SMART Goals?

There is a popular concept of setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound) goals.

However, I could not take care of all the five aspects of the popular goal setting technique. Also, I would never suggest anyone to dream thinking about how realistic or attainable the dream is. I would prefer dreaming of something huge that might seem impractical in the beginning, building a strong desire for it (which primarily comes out of love for doing something), setting up clear goals to achieve it and make them turn real. Hence, I ignored A for attainable and R for realistic from the strategy.

Basics of Goal Setting:

The goals you set should be specific, measurable and time bound. For example, I will be a better person is not a specific goal. It isn’t clear and implementable. I will sleep at 10 every night, is rather, a specific and clear goal. Be it big or small, goals must be time bound. There should be a time limit assigned to each of your goals. The amount of time which you assign is something you need to carefully decide. A goal like quitting smoking or a drug may take a year or so to be accomplished. However, something like waking up at 5 AM can be achieved in about a month. A measurable goal is one which can be measured on its path of completion. You can calculate how much near you have reached to your goals. For this you can set intermediate goals to reach the bigger goal.

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Example for this would be a goal like writing a blog post this week, where you make intermediate goals like working on each section of the blog post every weekday. You can easily measure the progress you have made towards the goal completion every day.

The written goals:

Written goals do turn real. You don’t believe me? Try it yourself. People say that written goals magically turns real. Well, if you ask me, I would say this has always been true in my case. But it’s not just about writing and forgetting the goals. I have found that written goals work because they keep coming before our eyes frequently and stay fresh in our minds. This is why one must write the goals on some sticky notes or cards and stick them on the wall or anything that we frequently look upon, in the order of their priority.

3. Strategy or plan:

A goal is an objective. It is a desired state we want to move to. To reach that objective we need to define a strategy i.e. the process to attain some goal and stick to it till the desired outcomes are achieved. There are intermediate goals needed to achieve the objective goals. These intermediate goals are the process goals. As already stated, these process goals make a goal measurable. The bigger goals become real if the intermediate process goals are achieved timely.

For example, to accomplish a goal of writing a blog upon a topic would involve breaking it down into smaller process goals like keyword research, writing a title, preparing a basic skeleton of the article which includes basic points to be discussed, writing about each subtopic in detail, research upon the topics if needed, designing infographics and images, editing, SEO and posting. Each of these smaller process goals if achieved within the planned time boundaries, the bigger goals are automatically accomplished.

Hence, it’s crucial to strategically plan and break the goals into smaller goals.

4. Action:

Here’s comes the final and the most difficult part.

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We already know that just wanting is not enough. At some point while pursuing our dreams, we need to act. Without action every plan, every strategy in the world is a failure. And this is why most of us fail to accomplish goals. The reason behind our inability to act can be much more complex than you think.

Our belief system plays a major role behind all this. It has been found that people who tend to procrastinate at the time of action are those who have limiting beliefs. They have low self-esteem or fear of failure or they believe that they are incapable, change is difficult to bring and efforts don’t bring results.

Lack of strong desire and love of comfort zone can also keep us from acting at the right time. Another reason behind staying back from action can be psychological depression where for a person loses vitality, everything seems uninteresting and drab.

In order to act upon our goals, we must eliminate those beliefs which limit us from exploring our full potential. No one is blessed. Every one is same. Every one is special. You can learn how to eliminate your limiting beliefs in my book, ‘Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Reality‘ so that you act to accomplish goals.

No one has mystical power. It is just that those who dream big, take steps to pursue their dreams, plan well and execute within the stipulated time frame become achievers. Just think, isn’t that the truth which you have always witnessed? Who can stop you if follow this?

The most amazing part is that no one else but only we can make ourselves to accomplish the grandest goals of our lives and in the same way only we can stop ourselves from doing so.

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  1. Einstein says ” If you want to live a happy life , tie it to a goal. Not to people or things” So goal is important! A simple to-do list actually helps out so much! It gives me immense pleasure to tick each one after i finish it 😀 Great post namuu 🙂 keep writing 🙂 Thanks for the gyaan sharing 😀

    1. Thanks for sharing the inspiring quote by Einstein. I wonder what gives us more joy than the joy of accomplishment! I guess, there’s nothing.

      Thank You so much, Sachin. 🙂

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