I moved from WordPress to Blogger

I have happily moved to Blogger from WordPress. Yes, very recently I changed my blogging platform and there were reasons of course for doing so.

Blogger to WordPress

In many aspects my decision to leave WordPress seems to be stupid for my blog in WordPress was two years old, I had more than hundred followers and more than two hundred likes. And the statistics says 7,862 views for a blog which I used to update once or twice in a moth, it wasn’t quite bad. The best thing you experience about WordPress is the connectivity it allows with the fellow WordPress bloggers. One can easily look up for freshly pressed contents on WordPress and like or follow blogs just by a click. It certainly fetches you more traffic and a home like feeling. In the end of the year it gifts you with a personalized stats and overview for your blog and apart from this WordPress monkeys remember your blog anniversary, take complete care of content’s security and keep a track of your monthly, weekly, daily blogging targets. What more does someone want?

What I wanted was a complete and free access to my blog’s CSS and design. WordPress, that’s why wasn’t a good place for a poor chap as me. Blogger on the other hand allows me to customize my website for free (WordPress only allowed paid upgrades and a complete freedom to access your site’s CSS and design comes in when your WordPress blog is hosted by WordPress.org which is again a paid upgrade) and if in future I wish to purchase my own domain for my blog I would pay solely for the domain. While being on WordPress would charge me an additional charge of $13 per year along with the yearly cost of the domain (I found it to be large sum just for purchasing a domain, c’mon it’s just my non-profit-making personal blog). So, I imported my same old blog to the Blogger platform. I designed my blog and I am feeling happy for I did it free of cost. This is what you may call a poor kid’s happiness. My decision to switch between the blogging platforms was much delayed which made me to make certain compromises. If there’s anyone like me who doesn’t wish to pay for designing and customizing your blog make the decision right away, right now.

Reviews on how my blog looks are welcomed wholeheartedly. I tried to keep it as much simple and formal as I could. Happy Blogging all and I hope the same love I would get over here. 🙂

Namrata Kumari

Hello! My name is Namrata Kumari. I am a daily 10 to 8 office worker and lately, I realized that this is not what my life should be like. I cannot just commute to my work place, work there for ten hours, come back to my apartment and sleep to wake up to do the same old thing day after every day. I know there are people just like me who wish to break through this monotonous cycle and make their lives even more purposeful. I chose blogging as a way to bring the much needed change in my life and to reach out those who share the same feelings. If you have any valuable suggestions then please share it below in the comment box.


  1. I love your Blog's new look, Namrata 🙂
    Be happy 🙂 You have done a great job!
    I have been planning a makeover for my Blog for long. I am already in Blogger & people say WordPress is better with more themes & opportunities!
    No, I can take tips from you!

  2. WordPress has better lookin themes but it leaves with a non-customizable theme when we are using WordPress.com that's the free service. So, when people say it has got better themes then I say it's like a well furnished jail where you cannot add anything of your choice. WordPress.org on the other hand is awesome but too costly for me. 🙂 Happy to know that you support my decision. 🙂

    In case you need any help please ask me for it.. I would love to help you..

  3. I need your help, Namrata.
    From where did you get such a cool template? Were all the Social Media Share buttons already there in the template?

  4. No Anita. I have completely edited the template. I am sending you the link from where I got this template on indiblogger mailbox. 🙂 You would find great templates there.

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