When to let go of toxic people you love

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It is a bitter truth of life but sometimes, we must let go of things and people we love, for our own good. The point is to know when. I am sharing this for I came across such a decisive situation very recently and also because I believe that this could benefit someone stuck in a similar situation.

It is a fact that letting go calls for immense courage and emotional stability on your part. You can still better let go of the beloved if you can understand why you must do that and convince yourself completely that this is only way out. So, when I confronted the situation I called a friend and told him that this certain person is bothering me so bad, I wish to cling in but it just always somehow bring ripples in my mental composure. The beautiful thing that my friend told that day was to sort things in life into two categories. One of those which makes you feel positive and the other of those which brings negativity. I quickly sorted out this very person as someone who knowingly unknowingly always demotivated me. My friend then told me to simply understand that I had to let go of all those things that hit me with negative vibes.

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Yes, it didn’t happen immediately but I could absorb this gradually and moved on. And trust me it has made me achieve more and be a better version of myself. I also allowed new people to enter my life and felt more confident about myself.

I hope this very simple but million dollar lesson from my life helps you in your life. So sort out today and be sorted. I will leave you with this very motivating quote that I had read in goodreads –

The lack of mindfulness often makes us carry the unnecessary possessions, stale ideologies and rotten relationships along, which unnecessarily clutter our lives and consciousness, and stagnate our growth.
― Banani Ray

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