Looking up at you…

While walking around the temple premises, I found how grand is his abode and how dingy and tiny is mine. Is it because I am not as great as him? If yes, can’t I uplift myself to reach up to his heights? Am I so low? Is this what the religions preach? But I love the picture of God in my mind and I do not worship him as a slave. Can’t we sit together like friends? Won’t he love me back for my excellence?
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This picture was taken at Vishnupad mandir, Gaya, Bihar.
Looking at your grandiose abode,
As a slimy worm on the ground…
Why myself so belittled, unworthy (as your slave),
In the books of your praise, I found?
The seed of faith in my heart,
Was sown so perfectly at time,
That today, It flows in my nerves,
A perennial food for my mind it serves.
Like others, I believe in your magnificence,
Though, I haven’t seen you…
I see the wonders you carved with your hands.
I imbibe the purity of my heart,
From the love you have spread in our land.
But I don’t treat myself so low.
Oh! Of course, I am not as stupendous as you.
So, before you, I bow.
Still, I believe in the greatness of my soul.
That I can grow colossally by the virtue of my art,
My verses and the great love that I nurture in my heart.
That someday, I would qualify to sit next to you,
And together we would share our views.

Namrata Kumari

Hello! My name is Namrata Kumari. I am a daily 10 to 8 office worker and lately, I realized that this is not what my life should be like. I cannot just commute to my work place, work there for ten hours, come back to my apartment and sleep to wake up to do the same old thing day after every day. I know there are people just like me who wish to break through this monotonous cycle and make their lives even more purposeful. I chose blogging as a way to bring the much needed change in my life and to reach out those who share the same feelings. If you have any valuable suggestions then please share it below in the comment box.


  1. The beauty of the verse; the beauty of the shot – this is why I want to visit Gaya πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚
    Yes, we are not too low, I have never felt that either πŸ™‚

  2. Gaya, definitely is a historical place so one give it a visit. And as much I understand, photographers would love this place. Thank you so much, Teny for sharing your views.. πŸ™‚

  3. a very good thought . why cant we have god as friend I am sure we can and he will love just the same .. for i dont think it matter what relation we want .. his like/dislike depends on how good a person we are or how bad


  4. Good to know your thoughts about this. Thank you so much, Bikram. I really think that a human should concentrate to uflift himself instead of blindly worshipping. πŸ™‚

  5. God allows you to ask, and the best way to ask yourself, with a pious soul and peaceful mind you will get all your answers. He is in every role as he lives in everyone's goodness.

    Nice Thoughts. Liked you post picture and impressed with your thought. Keep going Krishna and Stay Blessed.

  6. It's great to know your views regarding this. I also think that all the answers lie somewhere within our mind. Thank You so much stopping by. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh! Never thought about the photography skills. πŸ™‚ I also support what Suunymca said. Happy to see your comment. Thank you so much, Manish ji.

  8. Wonderful poem with a deep thought embedded in it. The Almighty is like a silent listener who rarely replies by words but by actions. I feel he never asked us to be slaves to him but at the same time I wonder if he'd allow us to be so close to him, sharing our views and broaching up a free conversation in the form of a dialogue. I think yes, if you really want to talk to him from your heart he does reply through your voice and your thoughts(self-talks). He never reveals himself anytime, that's the only difference.Isn't that equivalent to sitting next to him and talking as you wished??

  9. You may be right. But who can be sure about it? I wish one day I could meet him and be sure about everything happening around.
    I am very thankful to you for reading this and enlightening me with your views upon it. πŸ™‚

  10. First, I loved the shot. And second, it such a thought provoking poem. It has depth and you end up questioning some of your beliefs.

  11. I personally have so many things to ask him just like you. I just hope he reads your poem and all our predicaments are answered.
    Good luck and keep writing..:)

  12. Beautiful verses and the feelings you imbibe in your words are so deep and poignant. Loved this a lot, Namrata. πŸ™‚ Keep writing.

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