Pursue your dreams with your job

It needs courage to quit a job to pursue your dreams but,

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Do you have a dream to fulfill and also a full time job which you cannot quit for it’s not the right time yet? Then go ahead, this article is made just for you.

It needs time to materialize a desire. There is of course, no shortcuts. Hours of consistent and well planned efforts cannot be replaced with anything as big as super intelligence and whopping wealth. But how does a 9-5 worker find time to realize her/his dreams?

Quit or not to quit your job to pursue your dreams?

Have you heard and read this a many times that to realize a great dream, you need to quit your job? There is a mayhem in the Internet about ‘how to quit your job and pursue your dreams’.

However, quitting your job has got nothing much to do with achieving goals and pursuing dreams. It won’t help you bring the change (which is not easy to bring as we all know) until and unless we are thoroughly dedicated towards our goals and we can stick to a schedule without a miss.

Quitting job renders you with some more time or you may say, a lot more of time which is great for accomplishing goals faster. But what if one ends up procrastinating and wasting that time too?

A full time job reinforces several constraints (it takes away one i.e. the financial constraint) which can be a reason for one to not to snuggle up in the comfort zone. In my case, my job taught me to value time. My biggest target of a day is always to utilize every minute of the few hours I get after my office hours. I remember, how I wasted my time before this. You see, constraints and discomfort can act as catalysts that boost our spirits to work hard. Sometimes, it depends upon how we perceive and utilize things.

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Pursuing dreams is all about accomplishing certain goals

If anyhow you felt that I am trying to showcase ‘quitting job to pursue dreams’ as futile then I beg your pardon. I only wish to say that before quitting it you must make sure that you are ready to do that, to manage time efficiently, to adhere to the schedule and you and your dependents are ready to take that risk.

Also, analyze why is it necessary for you to quit your job to meet your goals? Figure out what is it that’s stopping you from bringing the change. Is it your job or something else?

Ultimately, pursuing a dream is all about accomplishing certain goals and it is possible with a daily job. You can learn here more about setting and accomplishing any goal.

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4 people share their experience of pursuing dreams with job

Not sharing the tips and methods of pursuing dreams with a job in this post as you can find it at WealthyGorilla, CareerBuilder and teenVogue . They have got some great advises for people like you and me.

In order to be able to do something, we need to first believe in it. That’s why I thought of asking real people (whom I have known personally), to share their source of motivation and challenges they come across through their journey of pursuing dreams and following hearts with their jobs. The amazing fact is that all of them are doing equally well in their office as well as in fields they are passionate about apart from their work. They are doing good and doing it fast. Let’s learn what they have to share –

Pursue your dreams, Sulaiman Sait, Blogger, The Blind Trial, Author, Namrata Kumari

When asked about his challenges and source of motivation on his way to pursue dreams with job, he said-

It’s all about dedication and interest that I have towards both the fields (research and writing). Also, it’s about planning. A proper planning about what to do and when to do helps me manage time and wear multiple caps with feather erect on each.

There have been sleepless nights. There have been tough moments where I failed to write at times. That’s when I realized my strengths and started incorporating my clinical understanding and experience into my writing. The result of which is my upcoming debut novel ‘The blind trial’.

My Mom is my biggest motivation. She is more than just a reader/follower, she provides constant advise that keeps me confident with what I do. My co-bloggers and friends have been with me all the way with every blog post I have written.

Professionally, my lecturers, professors and chiefs have shown confidence in what I do and have guided me every time I have faced a challenge while working on my research. No wonder I have 3 best research paper awards at national level.

My advise to readers would be to pursue what interests you and do what ever you want to do with dedication. Your outcomes and success directly depends upon the dedication you have shown in your work. Your results might not be visible from day one, but don’t lose hope, you will definitely be rewarded for doing what you love. Also, learn to prioritize what’s important. It will help with time management and help reduce stress.

Pursue your dreams, Manish Kumar, blogger, hindi blogger, travel blogger, music critique, Namrata Kumari

When asked about how does he manage work and passion together and about his motivation and challenges in doing so, he said –

Well I love my work and try to contribute to best of my abilities during office hours. But once I am out of office all my thoughts are focused towards my family and my passion. Yes I have to sacrifice my social outings sometimes but then my priorities are clear to me.

My love for music and travel motivates me. Unless, you like and derive pleasure from what you are doing, you will not be energetic enough to find time for writing after full day of office work. Secondly, occasional accomplishments and the love showered by your readers from time to time in the form of an e-mail or an elaborated comment etc. acts as a tonic which keeps the light burning inside.

There are situations when I feel that in spite of my best efforts I am not finding enough time to pursue my passions. At times it becomes quite frustrating. But I have realized that only solution in such circumstances is to take life as it is because you cannot have the best of both worlds. All you can do is to manage your time more diligently.

pursue your dreams with your job, Alok Singhal, Cognizant, Blogger, travel blogger, toastmasters, Namrata Kumari

When asked about how he could extract enough time from his full time job to do what he loves, he said

When it comes to work-life balance, many of us find it hard to manage ourselves. However, I view it as an essential part of life these days – so we need to be able to ace at it!

I am pretty active on social media and love traveling often. I do a full-time demanding job too. Managing all this is hard for me too, but the way I tackle them without stressing myself is by doing all of them passionately. If you love what you do (rather than taking them as an obligation), you won’t have to put-in much of an effort to be good at it.

Following a well-established routine also helps. As I get up early, I am able to finish most of my personal work in the morning itself. I have a rule to not do Social Media while in the office (from 9-6 or so), that way I can fully concentrate on my job (after all, it funds my expensive travels). In the evening, I can wrap-up any pending work and enjoy with my family too. All these may sound daunting, but once you get into the routine, it doesn’t look that difficult.

When it comes to Social Networking, many view it as a number-game – but do realize that they will all become Zero one day! So, do it because you love it, not because you have to!

pursue your dreams, Preeti Kumari, MBA student, MPhasis, software developer, marketing, Namrata Kumari

When asked about how does she manage time out of her busy work life to invest upon her dreams, she said –

Working as a software engineer was not my dream. It just went on after studies due to family’s expectation, social obligations etc.

I saw lots of ups and downs staying in Mumbai and working since four years in the field of software development for smaller startups to MNCs. It helped me to acquire technical skills, business knowledge and learn professional norms and ethics.

When I decided to go for higher studies, it was difficult in beginning as I have to work from Monday to Friday and attend classes on Saturdays and Sundays. There was no time for personal peace, that too in city like Mumbai where smallest distance takes an hour to cover. But eventually, everything settled on the schedule.

It’s all about passion, dream and mission. I planned my life by working and studying together. I got ranked among the toppers in my first year. This really motivates me to move ahead and put greater efforts.

Self-motivation and crisis were two most important pillars helped me to pursue dreams.


Hence, we know that there are people proving it wrong that in order to pursue your dreams you have to quit your job. In the end, it is our love and dedication towards accomplishing something that finds us enough time and energy to do it. And there is no shortcut.

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  1. I loved the way you put together everything, motivates me to do better at everything that I am currently doing.

    Also, got an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences too…there is so much of peculiarity within each of us.

    Thank you ????

  2. A very commendable effort Namrata 🙂
    Lots of people in the IT industry, me included are going through this issue and are desperate for some driving force to keep them motivated in pursuing their dreams. They will find some will power through these experiences.

  3. Nice one.
    Its been a motivation and inspiration to go ahead with my life.
    Probably many others.
    Thanks any ways.

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