Self-awareness: Think about your thoughts

self awareness is a key to success

The thoughts within your mind build your physical reality. It has been proven scientifically and with experience of a many. Your thoughts control how you feel about yourself and about your life. Human mind, on an average have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day out of which 80% happens to be the negative ones. Your negative thoughts are mostly those which contain words like never, can’t and should. We think negatively when we complain, whine, dislike someone or something. Your negative thoughts would somewhat be similar to these,

I should do this but I am unable to find time.
I can’t do it.
It’s better to keep quiet and stay aloof, all of them dislike me.
Why do I always end up looking like a fool?
Everyone around is judging me.
Why don’t I have a life like him/her?
I cannot control what’s happening in my life.

The more negative you think, more negative your feelings towards life get. These thoughts are not always controlled by us and we tend to believe in them at once without even questioning them or supporting them with the necessary facts. These spontaneous thoughts are termed as Automatic Thoughts. In order to live a happy life and to achieve success one needs to transform these Negative Automatic Thoughts to Positive Automatic Thoughts.

But in your busy life, how much do you know about your thoughts and up to what extent do you control them? How much are you aware of yourself?

You would find a thousand people speaking good about positive thinking and how to think positive. You will find countless articles about what not to think and how to think positive. However, to take up necessary actions towards reshaping your thoughts, don’t you think that first of all it’s essential to know where there’s a need of reforming your thoughts? What are those negative thoughts that your mind is mostly filled with?

How do we do this? How do we monitor our thoughts and understand whether it’s moving on the right direction or falling in abyss?

You would be relieved to know that by being conscious to our thoughts, we can eliminate negative ones with the positive ones.  And the chemicals produced by the body as a result of a positive thought helps you relax, feel good and can support you in achieving goals.

“Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.”

Being aware about your thoughts, your existence, motivation, desires is a continuous process which needs efforts to be put daily in the direction.

The first question that you must ask is why do we need to be self-aware?

Being conscious about your self is the first step towards building positive thoughts in the place of negative ones occupying the space? As you must know that what you are thinking right now is a destructive or negative thought and needs to be constructed in a positive manner before you actually do it.

This is where self-awareness and introspection come into place. Knowing yourself is the first step towards building a dream and achieving your goals. Only with a series of positive thought construction we can move nearer to our goals.

Thought Replacement with this simple activity

Just try out with a simple exercise, take out a pen and a sheet. Write down what you feel about yourself without thinking twice. Just scribble your thoughts in a go. Be honest with yourself. Just write your heart out. And now look into your scribbled thoughts. Are they negative? Do you feel bad about yourself?

If yes, then you must look into your thoughts more closely. Analyse why you think this way. Do you have enough facts to support your negative thoughts? You will eventually find that most of your negative thoughts are the results of fear of failure and contempt or they are outcomes of fear of hard work.

It is very important to understand your negative thought patterns and what causes them. For example I always had a feeling that everyone hates me and is observing me. When I looked closely into the thought I found it is totally a creation of my mind. If someone’s looking at me, it might be a case that the same person might be looking at someone else a minute ago and there’s nothing special about it.


How thoughts created reality

Every situation or incident could be perceived in both negative and positive ways. If we tend to connect more things to negativity our lives would turn dismal and hopeless. As thoughts create your feeling, thoughts build your world. We will learn more about how to replace these negative thoughts with the positive ones. But before that just try figuring out what are the most prominent and frequent negative thoughts that come up in your mind.

Repeat this activity of jotting down your spontaneous thoughts every day. Track the frequency of each negative thought. After you collect them in a place try connecting each of these negative thoughts with a positive one. For example, you could attach your thought “I can’t do it” to “I know it’s tough but I will do my best to do it”.

Certainly, your thought patterns and attitude towards life won’t change in a day. Efforts made every day towards understanding and introspecting yourself would make you aware about your inner self, your beliefs and goals. You can be the master of your mind. It only needs finding some time for yourself and efforts to be put in the right way.

9 thoughts on “Self-awareness: Think about your thoughts”

  1. Its very important to stay positive in life. How one thinks adds to it. So yeah thought process should be more towards goal or your passion. But we live in non ideal world so everyone gets low some or other time. Its important to rise your level up and stay in rhythm. So what I do is listen music, read autobiography, interact with friends who are close. So yes it helps in knowing what you need and realize where life is going.

    1. Very true Sachin. Only because we live amidst the real reality of this real world this post comes into origin. 🙂 I too face low times. You already know it. You also get through such phases. And we have also been moving ahead everyday keeping our overall feelings positive about this world and ourselves. I have learnt a lot from you. Listening to music or doing anything that makes you feel good is actually one of the best way of staying happy and creating a beautiful world around us. Ultimately, we must feel good. Incidents to thoughts and thoughts to feelings. Think good, feel good. 🙂

      Thank You Sachin! 🙂

  2. I loved your post. It’s really very important to stay positive in life and take notice of small miracles which happen just everyday in our life. I am currently reading ‘The magic’ book which I bought through and loving every bit of it. I am trying to finish the whole book without any interruption.

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