Why and how not to hate your job

Why and how to not hate your job

Are you struggling amidst your work and passion? And you are supposed to stick to both of them for the time being? And you want to know how not to hate your job? Then you must read this.

There must have been a day in your life when you thought growing up would end your troubles. Financial independence, control over one’s life, freedom to take decisions and freedom of everything.

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up so that I could come back home from work and watch TV rather than study just like my father could.

The fact is that we never had an idea what ‘work’ is like. We just knew it as a word. We were programmed to make a notion that every grown up has to work to earn money and we were made to believe that grown ups like their jobs (some of them really do).

When I grew up and started working my notions started to change. Now, the thought of growing up to work didn’t give me happiness. Instead, it curbed my freedom which I sought after the most in my childhood.

I started to believe that there’s something severely wrong with my job. I couldn’t share my thoughts seeing a thousand more people around me doing perfectly fine. Even my father could come home and relaxed he could watch movies and TV series. And then I started believing that there’s something surely wrong with me or my notions.

It’s customary in our society for parents and schools to make their kids ready to do a job. I am not against job and serving someone else’s company but I just don’t understand why didn’t anyone tell me that you can turn your passion into your work? Why weren’t we ever taught about entrepreneurship? I was instead asked to study for six hours in a day (I could never do that) so that I could qualify to get into a reputed college and get job ready.

Why you shouldn’t hate your job?

I know there are people who love their jobs but also it’s a fact that there are millions who are struggling amidst their passion and work.

I had started to hate my job. I would cry every day after coming back to my flat. My life was engulfed into depression. Every moment the fear of going to my office would hover around my head. I could not enjoy with my friends during weekends. And this way I could not do anything productive in my life.

After thinking a lot about my state of mind for a few days, I realized that this hatred for my job is doing nothing good to me but instead it has turned me into a blob full of negativity.

As I realized that there is too much hatred filling me up I thought to channelize it towards something constructive. And I further learnt that with a feeling as negative as hatred in mind nothing positive can be built. Hence, it became very necessary for me to first get rid of this hatred for job.

How to not hate your job?

It’s there in your mind, love, hatred everything. If you could control it to think in a particular way, you get rid of the cloud of negativity and hatred around you.

Just five things, know and understand these five things and you will start feeling way better about your life with a job that you hate,

  1. This is all temporary

And you know that there can be nothing more correct than this in this world. Nothing is permanent, not you, not your job, the place you live in, none of your problems, sorrows, nor even your happiness and success. And when everything is subjected to change why this job and work environment and people would stay forever with you? Be conscious to this fact and stop thinking always about your problems as if your life is all about them. Problems and circumstances are the part of your life and they will pass.

  1. Leave work at your workplace

My friends, out of concern, have been telling me to stop talking about my work or anything related to it while I am out of my workplace. One very close friend had also said that after I get out of my office I should just wait for two minutes, take a deep breath and think that I am out of it and now I have got nothing to think about it. It helps. Just create an impermeable partition between your work life and personal life, believe that all the worries and pressure of the workplace are bound to your office four walls and they cannot even touch you after you leave them. And believe me 9 out of 10 times our work life pressure doesn’t actually affect our personal life if we do not allow it to do so.

  1. Never take it personally

Always remember, they don’t know you personally. You are equivalent to a resource, an employee at your workplace and at many points of time you will be stereotyped with others at your work place. Even when you are being humiliated, take the necessary steps to prevent it but keep the fact in your mind that it is not to be taken personally as they don’t know you personally. The misbehavior and everything wrong happening to you is a result of poor environment, work culture and mismanagement.

  1. Why so serious? Keep the fun side up

Life is too short to be taken too seriously. Someday everything will end. This is all temporary. So, why take everything seriously? Learn to ignore the thing which doesn’t add anything constructive into your life. It’s difficult to implement but slowly we can learn to do this. I am still working on this. Sometimes, I react upon useless things and then I ask myself, was it even worth giving a thought? Learn this mantra-‘To me my inner peace is the most important thing and I cannot let anything silly to hamper it.’ If possible try to keep your funny side up. When someone scolds you in the office, in your mind create a funny image of the situation. Laugh at people’s stupidity in your mind and forgive them with a big smile. I know it’s not easy but it can be learnt as I am learning and implementing in my life.

  1. Find out what you love

Find out your passion. If the profession you are in needs to be reconsidered, do that. Nothing is impossible if you keep putting in efforts till you achieve it. Working towards your dream provides you with what we call as the joy of accomplishment. This can further help us believe in the possibility of living a better life.

And the process to stop hating your job is gradual. It took me two months to accept my job and avoid feeling panicky every morning I woke up to get ready for my work. Now, it has got way too better, a lot of the load has been shed out of my mind. We can control our minds, try it and share your results.

21 thoughts on “Why and how not to hate your job”

  1. One more post from heart <3 with each post I see Namrata growing more 🙂 I could relate to few points. Even I believe things are temparory and mantra of inner peace. Life is too short to hate others. Following passion and heart is way to success. Thanks for such wonderful post and sharing your personal experience namuu 🙂 keep shining 🙂

    1. I always get so happy after seeing your reply. 🙂 You are always the very first to read my posts and share your views upon it. I am very thankful to you for this. It’s a crucial time of life for you and also for me. And I know we will stick to our passion forever. 🙂

    1. It’s good to know to that you have in been in my shoes and you understand. 🙂 Hopefully, I would also move on with my IT life. Thank You so much, Sarav for reading and leaving a reply. 🙂

  2. Hi Namu,
    Very well said, “it’s all in the mind”. If there is will to do something, things will certainly fall in place. I loved all your points and I think I should keep track with your posts to learn tackle situation and overcome emotions in professional life. 🙂

    1. Hello Simran!
      You know what, I get to learn a lot from you. 🙂 I am happy that you find it useful and meaningful. I am always here to share my opinions and suggestions with you as a friend. 🙂

      Thank you so much!

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  4. “Its there in your mind..” Yes, that’s so true. But I also have an opinion that one shouldn’t forcefully love a profession which he/she isn’t not meant for. It should just be a temporary stage of life and one must move on soon enough to the profession he/she loves.
    What’s you take?

    1. First of all, thank you so much Anirudh for reading and commenting. It really means a lot to me.

      I totally agree with you. Loving something forcefully will take us to nowhere. That’s why in the fifth point I have written ‘Find out what you love’ and ‘If the profession you are in needs to be reconsidered, do that. ‘ It’s very important to understand that even if I don’t like being at my current job, complaining and just hating won’t help. It would make me further depressed. Instead if we could find a way out of it and take time to build our passion, we could create a better future for ourselves.

  5. Well-written Namrata! There are very few lucky souls in this world who actually manage to do something they are passionate about. Its very important to therefore find a way to like what you’re doing if you can’t do what you like.

    1. Exactly. But in order to construct anything positive, we must have positive thoughts in our minds. Positive builds positive and negative creates negative.

      Thank You so much, Alok for reading. 🙂

  6. You should drop the ‘Job’ word from the title and put life and elaborate more. You are a very good motivator with your lucid words and impactful insight about life.

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