3 reasons why motivation fades

reasons why motivation fades


Has this happened to you? You feel motivated today and after a few days the motivation fades away just like a pain killer’s effect which doesn’t last after some time. Many a times, motivation to do a thing doesn’t even last for a day. Why is it so fickle? Have you tried going to the root cause?

You must have read thousands of motivational articles, self-help books, watched countless motivational YouTube videos just as I do, get instantly fueled with the zeal to reach the zenith overnight and then get caught up into the mundane, living in your old set up, the comfortable comfort zone.

First of all, let’s understand what it means when I say I am motivated.

When you are motivated, you are in a very positive state of mind. You believe in your goals and think that these are attainable with your efforts in a definite amount of time. Where, motivation is a driving force, a fuel which ignites the engine of our mind to work hard to achieve our goals. Thus, it’s impossible to attain your goals without some sort of motivation in your life.

Remember, motivation is just a state of mind. No matter what you think about it, it will fade. You need to constantly work to keep it alive.

Why is it necessary to stay motivated in life?

I know there are billions of people in this world and thus, there are multi billions of dreams hovering around those billions of heads. But how many of them turn into reality? Why does more number of dreams give up as compared to the dreams which make up to the finishing line? The answer is, most of us are unable to stay motivated forever. It is our nature to get inclined towards the comfortable life and avoid hard work even if we know that hard work can change our lives for better. Staying motivated is a skill. It needs you to totally control your mind and take the ownership. It’s not difficult if we do it in a right way. But before learning the ways to stay motivated we must figure out the reasons why motivation fades.

In my last post I had already talked about the two broad categories of motivation. To understand why motivation fades away so quickly, you must understand what these two categories of motivation are.

Intrinsic motivation

Which comes from the inner desires for example if you work in order to help others, or when you work in order to feel accomplished or to learn a new skill or to feel more competent than others, you are fuelled up by your intrinsic desires.

Extrinsic motivation

On the other hand when we do a work expecting a reward, appreciation or money (expecting from the external world) as a result of doing it, we are motivated by what we call an extrinsic motivation.

If you understood this you will now be able to classify your motivation into these categories. But before you do this you must first know what motivates you. Knowing yourself is the first step towards staying motivated. There is generally, a thought about a thing or a situation (from your extrinsic or intrinsic world) which inspires you.

Have you figured out yet why motivation fades away? Let’s discuss about it.

Below are the three reasons of your fading motivation,

1. Unawareness about one’s own self

Most of us are so busy in our 9-5 lifestyle that we find no time to think about our own thoughts, true desires and true aspirations. We are unaware about ourselves. It’s because we do not introspect. And this creates a gap between the intrinsic and extrinsic desires

Think you have one goal in your life which doesn’t satisfy either one of your intrinsic or extrinsic desires because you haven’t realised what your true desires are. How long will you remain motivated? Someday the motivation, the desire would succumb. It’s very necessary to keep intrinsic and extrinsic desires in sync. This is how one can achieve happiness in life.

2. Love for the comfort zone

It’s the human nature to take the side more comfortable and cosy. We know that hard work can change our lives yet we don’t act. Another human nature is to not act upon things that we already know will benefit us. Because action and hard work needs investment of time and efforts, it involves risks of loss and failures. When we already have got options to stay out of risks and discomfort, why would we choose a path of keeping the motivation alive and working hard to accomplish our goals?

The last and most common cause behind fading motivation is,

3. We are the slave of emotions

Motivation is an emotional state of mind. Accept this. It is bound to vanish just like an emotional high. It is a cycle in which you get motivated, feel energetic and enthusiastic, when your goal seems so easy to achieve and you don’t sleep at night out of immense joy and energy sprawling in your veins. But after few days or may be some hours, it fades. Goals appear unrealistic or too difficult to achieve and you get back to your normal life where everything is cemented together, fixed as it was, since forever, where there’s no risk and hence, no greater possibilities. And then you motivate yourself all over again and the cycle simply goes on. Most of us don’t look at motivation in this way and thus, we do nothing to keep the motivation alive and this very obviously is the greatest reason behind dying motivation.

Importance of self-motivation

Two things- first, motivation is a state of mind and thus, it is bound to fade and the second, motivation is a key ingredient of the recipe of success in anything in life. Hence, we can conclude that even though motivation shrivels in the end there is an eternal need of it in our lives if we are dreamers, if we have set some serious goals and if we don’t wish to die running the rat race. Motivation makes us accomplish our goals and thus, it is the key of happiness in life as real joy comes from accomplishment.

If motivation doesn’t last long and you cannot do without it, you must take actions to keep motivating yourself. This process is called as self-motivation. If you have the ability and the skills to motivate yourself and put the energy which comes as a result of it into action, no force in this world can stop you from bringing the desired change in your life.

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  1. I am actually working on this – there is not much motivation around me; and fading motivation seems to have so many more reasons. I will find enough self-motivation on another day, I hope 🙂

  2. I was surfing through the site when I stumbled upon this beautiful piece of wriring.Kudos to the writer.

    I also like the overall look the site presents.

  3. Dear Namrata

    You have an awesome website and your blogs are so inspiring! Just seeing your work and determination is very inspiring on it’s own.. Such a clean simple warm website design, and everything you wrote on this post is so true..

    I do just like how that expression goes “Motivation is like bathing, you need it daily”


  4. Thanks Namrata for touching on an interesting concept. I was hoping for a bit more insight on how to apply this practically.

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